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Trying to find the right home to purchase when you live 1400 miles away can be a daunting task, to say the least.

We began our search in February, during which time we were renting a house on Cape Coral for the month.  Originally, we thought we might like new construction and figured this was an area we could handle on our own.  Although there were a variety of homes and locations, we just could not seem to find the right fit.

February ended with a fruitless attempt to purchase a vacation home.  Those frustrations would continue again during weekend trips in May and June with a realtor from a very large real estate company.  We thought, surely, they would have the experience and knowledge for listening to what customers were hoping to find.  Not only were we wrong about that, we were very dismayed when we realized later on that the salesperson was showing us only his company’s listings.  We discovered that by searching their website.  Every house that we were shown was one of their company’s listings – even though the majority of those homes were incompatible with our wish list.  We realized then, their goal was only about dollars and not about the customer’s needs.

At that point, we decided to give up and think about renting again.  We contacted Diana at the company that we rented from in February.  Diana suggested that we try working with Irene from 1st Realty to find a home to purchase.  After what we had already been through and all the time and money wasted, we had serious reservations about beginning the search again. 

We decided to e-mail Irene .  From the first time she

e-mailed us back, we sensed her knowledge and friendliness.  We purchased plane tickets and notified her that we were coming that weekend – without ever thinking of asking if she had free time! .  She was gracious enough to clear her entire schedule and devoted the weekend to showing us all of the listings that fit our criteria.

With each house that Irene brought us to, she was able to see, as we were, just what is was that we were looking for. 

She patiently listened and watched for our reactions as we walked throughout each home.  She used that knowledge to search through listings, late into the night in hopes of finding the right one for us. 

On the afternoon of the second day, it happened!  We walked into a home that was beautiful, comfortable and had a wonderful view.  It was almost too good to be true.  It had everything we wanted and more.  In just two days of searching, Irene had helped us find our dream home. 

Irene provided us with a tremendous amount of helpful information.  Throughout the process of purchasing our home, she was always available to help us with anything we needed.  One of the things I learned from working with Irene is, if she gives you her advice for how to handle the process listen!  Her experience in this line of work has taught her the best way to proceed with a purchase.  I could have saved myself time, money and stress if I had listened to her advice.

Thank you Irene , for accomplishing, in two days, what couldn’t be accomplished in two separate weekends and an entire month of searching.  We just love our new vacation home!

Janet & Joe Pelech  

If you need support, we would be more then happy to assist you.

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